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QUESTION: Hi I was just wondering if you know of any good research to research river war fair in WW2?

From the resource I would like to know what type of weapons each side had, how many they had, any significant battle, and the names of these rivers.


ANSWER: Hi Thomas,

I'll be glad to help with your question. River warfare in WWII varied widely, from small infantry groups up to significant naval battles. Surprisingly, there isn't a great deal of online information on specific river battles. However, here are two resources that should be helpful for you:

1)This link provides details about the Battle of the River Plate, which involved the sinking of the German ship Graf Spee. The page furnishes plenty of information about weaponry and tactics for that particular battle.

2) This is a link to a very short book about river fighting in WWII. I haven't read it so I cannot endorse it, but based on the reviews and the history series that it belongs to it appears to be reliable.

I hope that this is helpful, Thomas!

- Marc

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QUESTION: Hello again Mr.Mark,

I have been wondering if Fransico Franco did decide to join the Axis after Hitler conquered France, do you thin that Antonio Salazar of Portugal would have entered the war? If so which side, Axis or Allies.

Also could Ireland have joined in at some point in world war 2? And again if so what side?

I have another question, but this is a question for an entirely different subject and if you do not know the answer I understand. In the civil war, which of the civilized tribes in the Indian territory in modern day Oklahoma, joined the Confederacy and which join the Union?

Thank you.

Hi Thomas,

In my own opinion, I don't think Portugal would have entered the conflict unless a specific national interest was at stake. I don't see any circumstanced in which Portugal would join the Axis Powers.

Ireland was neutral during the war but if the Irish thought that their national interests were at stake they would have entered, like Portugal. And again like Portugal, I'm confident that Ireland would never have been allied with Nazi Germany.

I think you would be better served directing your question about Native Americans during the Civil War to an AllExperts volunteer with expertise in Native Americans during that period.

I hope that this is helpful, Thomas,


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