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Hi Marc,

I'm researching the SS Race and Settlement Office.

I believe SS headquarters were in Berlin on what was Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse, but I'm wondering if RuSHA might have had a branch office in Munich. If my research is accurate, the SS Office of Legal Matters, which also fell under the Allgemeine-SS, was on Karlstrasse in Munich. But I can't find any additional information on branch RuSHA locations.

Many thanks for your assistance!
Adriana Allegri

Hi Adriana,

From Adrian Weale's book ARMY OF EVIL: A HISTORY OF THE SS (2010), page 120, is this statement regarding investigations by RuSHA: "In theory, all of this information would be checked in detail by local representatives of the Race and Settlement office, by SS units and, in 'difficult cases,' by the central office in Berlin."

So, RuSHA definitely had "local representatives" apart from the headquarters in Berlin. I think we can be certain that Munich - given its size and importance as a city - would have been among the locations of at least one RuSHA officer. It's an inference without direct evidence, but - in my opinion - a reasonable and defensible one. The opposite position, that Munich (of all places) wouldn't have any RuSHA staff, seems extremely unlikely.

I hope this helps, Adriana!

- Marc  

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