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Dear Dr Vaknin

I'm sure you'll regard my question as a little naive but I'm not a political animal, just someone who is quite happy to watch from the sidelines dependant on those who have their fingers on the pulse to do their best.

I'm of an age where I still remember what life was like before we entered the Common Market (just). It seemed a very good idea at the time and helped even out the highs and lows of at least food production and had many more benefits I'm sure.

However I've never understood the need for greater inter-dependency; to have a common currency is way beyond my understanding but by recent events it doesn't look as though it was the best of ideas.

What unsettles me even more is the slow, almost imperceptible integration of each of the countries' laws making Europe a super-state. Surely all our interests aren't the same, only that of self-determination, defence and of growth and we don't have to be joined at the hip of promote any of these.

The European countries coming together as one in trading, defence and one or two other areas of mutual benefit is one thing but to ruled by the governing body of this super-state I think is unhealthy and which has brought us to the brink of the UK at least wondering whether we should continue with our membership.

I don't think political union was on anyone's mind when this concept was first thought of and if it was everyone's kept very quiet about it.

In short I think we're drawing together too tightly probably at the behest of Germany; we should share and unite where it's to the individual countries' advantage but each keep our separate laws, identities, cultures and customs and be free to conduct ourselves in the way we see fit.

Buying in to the concept of share what is common but freedom to pursue individual avenues doesn't and shouldn't mean we should all becomes 'Europeans' - we're all that already. We should remain British, French, German etc. but with common goals.

As someone of far greater an understanding of such things what do you think?

I think you may find this e-book of some interest:

Many articles and essays which deal with the issues you raise:

Take care.


Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

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