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Got the following question on politics / government. It is more of a general question not specific to Canada but more related to developing countries.
1. After an election and during the change of a government, the public particularly in developing countries are usually not fully informed about the current state of the country. In developed countries worldwide, are there any countries that have laws and rules that ensure that the public is provided with a report / overview of the entire state of the country. For instance just as companies have annual reports to provide shareholders with the state of a company; do any countries have policies that require the public have access to comprehensive report of the state of government / economy particularly with the intent for the public to assess a governments performance.
2. In developing / third world countries the public often see governments come and go with widespread corruption allegations against each successive government. Yet few politicians are ever charged. There is a view that opposing political parties hold silent agreements in which neither party pursue prosecution so as to enrich themselves unfairly at the expense of the public.
In such instances what could the public do to ensure that government regimes prosecutes those guilty if opposition government cooperate with ruling governments to enrich themselves unjustly.

In the United Kingdom, the transition of power from one administration to another is usually seamless and there is no impact on the economy at all. In 2010, however when there was a five day delay in creating a government when Labour lost their overall majority but the Conservatives failed to win a majority, the FT-SE 100 Index (the stock market index) went from 5,123 points on the day after the election to 5,263 points when a government was formed (an increase of 2.7%) because of the relief that a government had been formed. In developing countries, however, I do not know what systems are in place

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