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Cole wrote at 2014-08-15 21:18:13
Mohd- consider as well that every species that exists is a successful species.  Humans have been successful largely because we are intelligent, have reactive emotions that are usually adaptive in terms of survival and reproduction, we can speak and plan, etc.

But as Dana said, evolution is not directed.  It`s caused by RANDOM mutations that are then selected for or against.  People who deny evolution usually do so because of a religious background.  This causes them to presume that evolution is in some way moving in a particular direction, namely- us, or ``intelligence.``  

But the truth is that evolution only moves toward adaptability to the environment and survivability and increased reproduction- nothing more.  So, intelligence is only one of many, many ways of being evolutionarily successful.  Do you know what is the most successful organism  planet Earth has ever seen?  The cockroach.



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