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Evolution/Heron and large fish (really?)??


While fishing, I recently saw a Great Blue Heron dive and catch quite a pretty large (and colorful!) rainbow trout crosswise in it's bill, you could tell the fish was fighting for it's lfe to prevent becoming the bird's dinner. It looked like the fish was putting up a good struggle, but within about 30 seconds the wriggling thing was turned face-first and the heron swallowed the entire fish down its long neck the whole way!! It was a bit gruesome to watch the poor fish squirm on it's presumed last trip down, even after, once in the stomach you could see it give a kick much to the discomfort it appeared to the bird. We didn't stay much longer, I wonder if that was the end for the fish or if it still had a slim chance of survival???

Does it stand any slim chance of escaping such a grim fate or at least damage the bird's insides with that thrashing?? It must be a some meal for the bird and I wonder if it handles it bones and all as well?!

It is probably dinner. Even with all of its thrashing inside the gullet of the heron, it would be unlikey to escape thru the tissue of the craw, as well as the skin.  And in less than a minute, it would have suffocated.  Gills cannot get any oxygen if there is no water.  And there would not be enough water in the craw of the heron for it to survive.

Soooo, if it lived only a minute, it would be unlikely to kill the heron and escape.  


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