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Evolution/History of evolutionary theory


What are some old evolutionary theories?

What did they say?

What do we have to prove evolution now?

There really weren't any "old" evolutionary theories.   The ancient Greeks noted that all animals with internal skeletons were built on the same pattern....a head, body, four limbs and a tail, and yes, humans have tails.  Google "Humans with tails"  Today in modern countries those are removed.  If one lives in Indonesia, one becomes part of a side show to earn money.   Before modern science everything that man could not figure out, was, "god did it".

What do we have to prove evolution now?  Every single branch of science supports evolution from anatomy thru zoolory, to cells to whatever you can name.  Evolution is as true as gravity is true.  There is not one scrap of scientific evidence that shows it to be wrong. Not one.... nada, zip.....

You and I have the same genes as does an oak tree.  You and I have a set of genes that only bilateral animals have... HOX genes.  We share them with every critter that is bilateral...spiders, snakes, horses, dogs, scorpions, birds.  Animals that are not bilateral, such as octupi, squid, corals, etc., do not have these genes.

Read a good book..... The Ancestors Tale.  It is a walk back from today into the beginnings of life, and how we are all related.  You can also google evolution of man for great articles.

In previous eras of our ignorance, say 200 years ago, anything that humans did not understand was god's work....flu, death, earthquakes, storms, lightening, thunder, diseases....all caused by God...the God of the bible in Western civilizations.  Now we know better, and god is now an ever shrinking body of scientific ignorance that gets smaller and smaller every single day.

And watch a few videos.....


2.Do this one too... hugely beautiful

We're all connected,  to each other biologically, to the earth chemically, and to the rest of the universe atomically....we are all made of star stuff.  Super novas gave us the chemicals needed for life.... iron, carbon, etc.  Had there never been any super novas in the universe....exploding stars..... there would be no life anywhere.

Enjoy the videos.... they are just super.

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