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Evolution/Extinct human ancestors


How many humanoid species (human ancestors) have become extinct?
What were their names?

It varies as to who you are talking to if some of these early prototypes were human.  We know that Homo sapiens mated with Neanderthals, and thus, they would be considered human.... their DNA is in our blood too.

I'd suggest you google "Human Evolution" and read the ton of stuff there.  You will find some writers stating that Australopithicines were human, and others state no.  Lucy was human, as is any extinct "critter" that has Homo in its name... Homo habilis, for example.

This is fun stuff to read, and the trees of the branches as to what went where are all hugely interesting.

One of the best titles to Google is "Tree of Human Evolution".  There are many charts, which compare such things as head and jaw shape.  Super fun stuff to read and know.

As well, if you are interested in closely compared skulls, have a look at the catalog on line called ""

This outfit makes exact, museum quality copies of all sorts of extinct animals that are purchased by museums who, say, would like a T-Rex, but there are simply none available...... they can get one from this outfit....., and some you can even buy, but they are expensive.

Have fun with this.  All of it is just hugely interesting.


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