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QUESTION: Ok I want to know if there are any biological reasons some people are born in the body of the wrong sex. It seems that just asking this question is politically incorrect but I just want scientific empirically backed answers.does it have to do with hormone balances and development or is it something else? Thank you!

ANSWER: Actually, there are more than just two sexes....... In parts of Asia, it is accepted that some people display outwardly both feminine and masculine traits, and they are accepted..... if they ever marry, I don't know.

As you know, Bruce Jenner knew from early childhood that he was in the wrong body.  He did not feel masculine, or manly, even tho he married, had sex with women and even sired a child or two.  What one really is is between their ears, not between their legs.  Most of us go thru life accepting we are one or the other, and act accordingly.  Some men simply prefer other men, and as well, some women simply prefer other women.  It has nothing to do with hormones, but those who wish to switch sexes, do have to take hormones to get rid of beards, and develop some breasts in the case of a man.  And in the case of a woman, if she does indeed wish to be masculine, that involves some plastic surgery as well.

So, believing one has been born in the wrong body is a judgment one makes from between the ears, not between the legs.Hormones have nothing to do with that decision of being in the wrong body..... but it will take hormones, and as noted lots of other things, to actually change that body into what one feels one really is.  


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QUESTION: I apologize if If I sound ignorant but does that mean bieng trans is completely a choice or are they born that way? What makes them come to this contentious choice  or is it a feeling that they can't help but feel? I guess what I am asking is what makes the body one is in feel wrong and how does it feel exactly?

Each person is born with  different DNA than anyone else (except identical twins). All of us have lots of the same DNA that determines almost all of our traits..... And in that DNA is written one's entire program, from hair color to absolutely anything you can think of.  

And part of that is how, as we get a bit older, see ourselves.  If we do not like what we see, and if we are not the sex we feel we ought to be, then that obviously is in conflict with one's reality.   If the discomfort is strong enough, and if one is rich enough, one can go thru a complete physical change, with the use of hormones and surgeries over the course of about 10 years.  

I don't know how one explains "what it feels like" to not like the body one is living in.  It is simply a fact.  And if surgeries and hormones are out of the questions because of money, then most simply dress as a man or a women, and really then are not much interested in sex..... unless one finds a person similar to themselves who wishes a partner.  

If this isn't the explanation you wish, write me at the address above..... I rarely check this site.


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