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Excel/Dragging a formula down but letting the the sheet refrence change each time


budsimrin wrote at 2012-04-18 01:36:18

Thank you so much for your answer. It took me a while to digest so I thought I might share what I learned. Perhaps you released this information in an up-front part of this thread that I missed. If so, please excuse me for taking up time.

I was not previously familiar with the Indirect function of Excel. I learned that if cell A1 has entry F5, and I enter =A1 in, say, cell A2, then the answer in cell A2 is (of course) F5. But if I enter Indirect(F5) it returns whatever is in cell F5. That is the basics.

I had a need to grab information from, a cell, say G10, in another tab. I found out that if the other tab has simple name without spaces, such as Sheet2,and if I have the name Sheet2 stored as data in my current tab,in, say, cell A1,  then I can write a not very complicated formula like =Indirect(A1&"!G10"). I thus learned that & is used for concatenating the parts of the full name for cell G10 which is Sheet2!10. I learned that all parts of the cell name should be in double quotes.

I struggled but finally learned that if the other tab has a more complicated name such as Sheet 2 (with a space), the I must enclose the name in single quotes. That is, I would have to enclose the single quotes inside of double quotes like =Indirect("'"&A1"'!G10). When I read your example, I couldn't for the life of me at first figure out that when you had written "'" it was a single quote inside of a double quote. I also didn't know why such a thing was needed. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

The real kicker is that I actually had a problem one step more complicated. In Tab Sheet 1 I needed to get information from cell D8 in another tab, say named Sheet 2, but the name Sheet 2 was stored in cell A1 of a 3rd tab, Sheet 3. To do this, I not only needed to use all of the tricks you showed (use of Indirect, use of & to concatenate, use of single quotes around the other sheet names, and use of double quotes as the argument for the Indirect function), I actually needed to use nested Indirect functions. The inside Indirect function gets the tab name Sheet 2 from cell A1 of Sheet 3, and the outer Indirect function to append the single quotes, exclamation point, and cell reference to the name Sheet 2. My command was =Indirect(Indirect("'Sheet 3'!A1")&"!D8").  

SJ3312 wrote at 2012-12-31 18:12:35
I am attempting something similar.This formula =Sheet1!$G98 to drag down in the column but only change the sheet number.

Is this possible?

Thanks - SJ

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