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Excel/Excel auto updating of time sensitive info


File will be for tracking projects.
Projects are time sensitive.
The idea is, each Row would be a project with the project info.
As time passes, certain lines (determined by the project length in days which would be one of the columns) would change their look.
Font's turn Bold, then perhaps turn a different color (denoting the due date getting closer), then even the row might change color denoting the projects due date being very close or even due.
Lets say, if this were for tracking School Projects. There would be the initial info filled into the row. There would be a Start Date Cell and an End Date Cell. A Cell that tracks how many days left. So, once the cells are filled in for each project. The idea is, Rows will change their VISUAL look to show when something is getting close to being due according to the length of time for the project. Some projects might only be a week long, yet others might  have months to complete. So the changes will be on a Row by Row basis.
Additionally, more projects will be added as time goes on.
Again, if this were to track School Projects and such. Then as new projects are assigned, they are input in and the file AUTOMATICALLY shows identifiers as to what is close to being due.
A self updating visual time line you might say. With colors and font changes to help show what where things are in correlation to their due dates.

I hope this all made sense.


Read up on Excel's Conditional Formatting feature.  That let's you change the physical appearance (formatting) of a cell based on a formulaic test you create.  The most common is date tests.

If you have a Due date listed in cell A1, then a CF in B1 could change the color of B1 as the date in A1 draws nearer.  

For instance:   =A1-TODAY()<=7

with that formula when today's date is a week from the due date, the formula triggers as TRUE, so whatever formatting you attach to that test wout trigger.

You can set up multiple CF test in on a cell/column/range:

=A1-TODAY()<=7   (red)
=A1-TODAY()<=14  (yellow)
=A1-TODAY()>14   (green)
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