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i will be happy to pay you $ 3 but tell me how

how can i arrange an excel workbook, containing sheets of course, so that they are arranged one "below" the other and there are 50 of them) rather than to the "normal" to the right of one another

if my question not clear please ask me so that we both understand the requirement    could you possibly respond in the next three hours

thank you


Excel only allows tab names to be listed horizontally along the bottom of a spreadsheet.  If you want to list tabs vertically along the side you will have to use a 3rd party extension for Excel.  This will require you to install a visual basic application into Excel (which is something I cannot help you with - I'm an Excel expert and not a Visual Basic programming expert).  The following are two examples of Visual Basic solutions which you could use:

The following extension creates a drop-down box for the tab names:


You must sign up for the next extension; however, it seems to be closest to what you are looking for:


Please note, regardless of extension, Excel will continue to list tab names also along the bottom.
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