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I have several files in a folder that I need to open each month, do the same few changes in all of them, then close them.  I have a macro that make the changes, but I would like a macro that would open the first file in the folder, make the changes, close the first file, open the second file, make the changes, close the second file, and so on, until every file in the folder is updated.

Could you tell me how to do this please?



say in A1:A20 you have entries like

A1: C:\Myfolder\Myfile1.xls
A2: C:\Myfolder\Myfile5.xls
. . .
A20:  C:\MyFolder\MySubfolder3\MyFile2.xls

then you could do

Sub processFolders
Dim cell as Range, r as Range
dim bk as Workbook, s as String
set r = Range("A1:A20")
for each cell in r
 s = cell.text
 set bk = ActiveWorkbook
 ' run you macro that works on the active sheet
 ' example if your exisiting macro is nameed processFile
 bk.Close SaveChanges:=True
End Sub

You initially said several files in a folder and that is what I wrote to above.

In the end of your question you said all files in a folder.  If so, then

Sub  ProcessFolders()
Dim sPath as String, sName as String
Dim bk as Workbook
sPath = "C:\Myfolder\"
sname = dir(sPath & "*.xls?")
do while sName <> ""
workbooks.Open(sPath & sName)
set bk = ActiveWorkbook
 ' run you macro that works on the active sheet
 ' example if your exisiting macro is nameed processFile
bk.Close SaveChanges:=True
sname = dir()
End Sub

would be the general approach

Tom Ogilvy

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QUESTION: Thanks for that Tom, could you tell me how I get this code into my personal macro workbook?  I am not very familiar with VBE, I normally just record macros.  I am using Excel 2007.




do Alt+F11 to get to the visual basic editor

in the left side you should see the project explorer window.  

It will contain a treeview type display with workbook names as the "stems" or "branches" of the tree.  You should have one named  PERSONAL.XLSB

click on that.  If it has not expanded (not have "children" branches below it), then it will have a plus sign where it connects to the tree to the left of the icon.  Click on the plus sign to expand its tree and see its children.  One of the children should be labelled modules.

Click on the plus sign next to Modules if it has no children branches.  When you do that you should see children with module names. Click on one of those or click on the modules branch and go to the menu and go Insert=>Module.

When you have a module displayed in front of you in the bigger part of the window, you can paste the macro there.   

Now go to the file menu in the VBE and click on it to display the dropdown menu.  Click on Save Personal.xlsb

(if that is not offered, go back to the project explorer and make sure you have the personal.xlsb section selected in the project explorer.

Now you can do Alt+F11 to return to excel.

An alternative method would be to record a macro and designate it be stored in the personal workbook.  then just take a simple action and end recording (remember the name or give it a special name when prompted where to save it).  Now go to the View menu and Find your macro in the macro dropdown=> view macros.  Click on the macro and choose edit.  Now copy the macro from the posting and paste it over this macro. (you will be in a module in the Personal.xlsb workbook.)   Save the personal.xlsb workbook.

Tom Ogilvy

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