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Hi there, I'm writing a roster at the moment in which I have a list of 50 or so candidates who work at 35 different places. I have a list of where they can work as their names are sorted alphabetically. Ive made another spread sheet, sorting out a list of all the staff members that work at each site. The code per line reads something like this:

=IF(COUNTIF(Availability!$C3:$I3,"DSA NG")>0,Availability!$A3,"")

where "DSA NG" will change name depending on which site it is, and C3-I3 are the cells which states where they can work and A3 is the staff members name.

This all works fine, however my roster is all patchy and I'm trying to format it so it will say the places name and list all the staff underneath it with no spaces. I can sort each column individually in reverse alphabetical order (else all the blank cells are at the top) but if I try and select all of the names to be sorted it doesnt seem to work.

My question is this: Is there an easier way to sort it so all the names are directly underneath the respective headings? If yes, can you guide me?

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If I understand the situation correctly (you want to sort the names alphabetically), why not change the formula

from  =IF(COUNTIF(Availability!$C3:$I3,"DSA NG")>0,Availability!$A3,"")

to =IF(COUNTIF(Availability!$C3:$I3,"DSA NG")>0,Availability!$A3,"ZZZZZZZZZ")

then sort the names and that ("ZZZZZZZZZ") should sort to the bottom (if not, use a string that will)

You can then delete those dummy entries after the sort.  or you could do

=IF(COUNTIF(Availability!$C3:$I3,"DSA NG")>0,Availability!$A3,if(Z1=1,"ZZZZZZZZZ",""))

then when your ready to sort, put a 1 in Z1. Do the sort, then clear the 1 from Z1

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