Hi Mr Pieterse

Many thanx for your prompt reply and solution which is working brilliantly

I need some further help here

the stock workbook has 1 to 31 worksheets for each day of the month

I need help with a macro that will be able to copy a column from ws 30 or 31 depending on the mond to a copy of the workbook which be copied

The column would be ws30 / 31 col P

to ws 1 col h of the new file

May I email the file to you for more clarity

KInd regards


Hi Raj,

A question first:

Why have a worksheet for each day of the month? It is better to store the data on one single worksheet. That way, making reports (like using pivot tables) is a lot easier.

Later... (having read your email)

This code copies column P of the worksheet belonging to the last day of the month and pasts that column into column H of ws. 1:

Sub CopyPasteLastMonth()
   Dim dDate As Date
   Dim sAnswer As String
   Dim sLastDay As String
   dDate = #1/1/1900#
   sAnswer = InputBox("Please enter the date", , Format(Date, "yyyy/mm/dd"))
   On Error Resume Next
   dDate = CDate(sAnswer)
   If dDate <> #1/1/1900# Then
       'Date entered; proceed
       sLastDay = Day(DateSerial(Year(dDate), Month(dDate) + 1, 0))
       With Worksheets(sLastDay)
         Intersect(.UsedRange.Offset(1), .Range("P:P")).Copy Destination:=Worksheets("1").Range("H2")
       End With
   End If
End Sub

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