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Dear Sir,
Cell A1:A12 I have formula =randbetween(1,21)
cell C1=1,cell C2=2,cell C3=3,cell D1=4,cell D2=5,cell D3=6....cell I1=19, cell I2=20, cell I3=21. This is my layout. My question is i want to conditional format and fill with yellow only those cells within range C1:I3 whose value matches with A1:A12. Please show me what formula i put in conditional format to achive this.



1) Select cells C1:I3 (make sure C1 is the first cell you click when selecting the range C1:I3)
2) Choose conditional formatting and select the option "Use formula to determine which cells to format".
3) In the box where it asks what formula to use enter the following:


In the above formula it is impotant for C1 to not be fixed/static (ie, not have $'s around the reference).  You will want the $'s around the$A$1:$A$12.

4) Click OK.

This should have the desired effect.  If you reivew the conditioanl formatting on your workbook it should show the above formula applies to =$C$1:$I$3.

I have a sample spreadsheet if you need it.  Just post your email address in your "thank/rate the expert" box.

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