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I am trying to copy about a dozen files into one file.  I highlight the file, CTRL + C, go to the target file CTRL P and nothing happens. (The clipboard is empty it says. Tried again, this time I highlighted the top A1  - now I get a message that I can only paste into the A1 cell. However, when I do this, it will copy on the existing data that I already have and want to save and delete at the same time the existing data! How can I copy into the existing file that already has some data on it?  I was told about the VBA process but it seems to complex to me.  I am comfortable with copy and paste ...  

Please explain step by step,   This Excel 2010

Thanks you.   Gabe


I am assuming that you are wanting to copy data from one sheet to another sheet, or another sheet in another workbook.

The copy paste feature will be the easiest to use rather than writing a macro.

In the sheet that you want to copy from, first paint the data that you want to copy then right click (while your cursor is within the painted section) and select copy from the drop down menu.  Then go to the sheet you want to paste to and click on the cell that is at the top left of the area you want to paste to, then right click and select paste from the drop down menu (or in the alternative you can simply hit enter and the data will be pasted).  Do this with each of the sheets you are copying from and that should do it for you.

FYI you may also have the copy and paste option buttons on your toolbar, if you do then you can use them instead of the right click.  

Hope this helps

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