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Count if
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Hi Gulshan
I have a sheet where I need to enetr the data on daily basis with Alphabet "J" (Job) "R" (RONG) and "B" (Base). I am looking the formula, how will count that how many time R enter after J. I have attached the snap shot. Will you please have alook and guide me which formula I will use.
I have to count R in Q2 and J in R2 so in the attached snap shot it shows 0 but the result should be 2 in Q2 and 1 in R2 because R start twice after J and J start only 1 time after R.


Count if
Count if  
Hi Zafar,

The formula you have entered will not give the required results, what you entered will concatenate both ranges and look at the whole as a comparison value, then try to sum it.

What you need is to compare a pair of cells at a time and see if they are in order "RJ" or "JR". The best way to manage this is by adding an extra row which does the concatenation and then count on that row.
In your example, we would insert one more row (pl see row 2 in the attached image). This row will concatenate the cell above and the cell to left of above cell and compare check it for "RJ" or "JR".
Please see the third row in the attached file for the formulae used.

If this solution doesn't work for you, then we might have to look at macros to do the job.

Hope this helps.
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