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I am making a workbook to track my sales weekly over the course of the year vs my YTD sales target, so i have 52 tabs and every week my YTD target will increase by one hundred thousand. So for example the formula for Sheet 2 would be ='Sheet1'!A50+100000 then for Sheet 3 it would be ='Sheet2!A50+100000 then Sheet 4 would be ='Sheet3!A50+100000, etc.  What I'm wondering is how i can drag this formula through the 52 tabs without having to manually imput all the formulas?



Assuming your sheets are actually named "Sheet01", "Sheet02", etc, then place this following formula into the cell of your choice in "Sheet02".  It is important to have the leading zero on the first 10 sheets.  It is also important the names are "Sheet".  If it is something different then the formula will need to be modified:


Then, copy the above cell.  Select "Sheet3" through "Sheet52" - this will group all of those sheets together.  Select whatever cell you want the formula in for all sheets and then choose paste.  This will paste this formula into the same cell of "Sheet3" through "Sheet52".

Right-click on one of the selected sheet tabs and choose "ungroup sheets" before making any further changes (or just select sheet1 - it will do the same thing".  

Basically the above formula finds the sheet name of the current sheet the formula is on.  It assumes the last two characters of the sheet name are the number (01, 02, 52, etc).  It then uses an indirect formula to find the value of cell A50 on whatever sheet name is one less than the current.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions as this is a fairly complicated formula.  I can be contacted at (you are welcome to email me the spreadsheet and I can assist with the addition of the formula).

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