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Hi Steve,

I have a problem here that I desperately need to solve.  

I have a large excel file (but I'm attaching a smaller, simplified version specimen for you attached), where I need to work with various international currencies.  In all there are  12 main currencies.  I have to display ONE selected currency in the same file everytime I do a detailed & updated calculation for a report for my boss for his business in all those 12 countries everyday and save each day's file as indivivual files.  At present. I have to do a MASSIVE currency format conversion MANUALLY (by selecting all cells with monetary amounts which are all over the place on each sheet) and there are 10 sheets of data altogether on the original file, which is way too much.  It's just too impractical.

My target is to have just ONE cell with the data validation containing all 12 main currencies, so what I need is for all the cells formatted with currency to AUTOMATICALLY just convert by themselves to the currency abbreviation I specified in that single cell.  

Please note that the cells need to not just display the selected currency in their own cells, but as well as be able to do all mathematical calculation like additions, subtractions, divisions and multiplications, etc.

Can you please help me ?  I would gladly go with a VBA code if you can showme the exact detail and sample.

Many thanks,
Jason. (I can attach a sample for you to give me any most suitable VBA if necessary)

Hi Jason,

It would be very helpful if you could provide a copy of the workbook so that a macro can be configured for your exact needs.  You can upload the file to a free file host and provide the link, or you can email the file to

Also Jason,

Will the currencies need to be converted, or will you simply be changing the currency symbol?

Kind Regards,
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