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QUESTION: How do I reference a cell with a letter in it and reference another cell with a number in it to get a cell reference and the informaiton returned in that cell?

For example, cell A1 has the letter N in it. Cell B1 has the number 578 in it. I want a formula that will bring together in
cell C1 to reference cell N578 and return the value in N578.

ANSWER: Hey there Chris,

Thank you for your question.

In Cell C1 you will input the formula =A1&B1
This will give the the desired result.

Please advise if this worked for you


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Garreth:

Thanks for getting back to me on the other issue. However, I am not getting what I want.

In A1 I put D and in B1 I put 5 (I changed the numbers to make it easier). In CI I get "D5" but it doesn't pull the information in cell D5 which is a value (text or number).

What I want is in A1 to put "D" and B1 to put "5" and in D1 I put 250. so that the formula in C1 is =D5 or 250. By putting in C1 the formula "=A1&B1" I get a text string of D5 and not a formula.

I hope that makes sense.

Hi there Chris

Please make sure that the cells with the formulas are formatted to General and not text.

You cab check this by right clicking on the cell and going to Format Cells. Then make sure you are on the numbers tab. Then select "General".

You can highlight the whole column when doing this.

This should give you the formula

Please advise if this worked for you

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