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QUESTION: i am making a simple stores inventory system in excel using office 2010 and want to do following

- i have a column of numbers representing remaining items in stock lets call it column A.
- also have a column of numbers representing minimum quantities for each item in column A lets call this column B
- I want the number in column A to highlight red when it goes below the number in column B

on another column i have validity dates, using office 2010 I have managed to conditional format them to appear red if date is last month, this month or next month. how do I also format to turn a different color in two months time.



ANSWER: Hi Peter,

The first part of your question, the answer is also Conditional formatting.

Highlight the range in Column A. The conditional format formula will be =a1<b1 if the range starts at A1, if it starts at A2 then you will use =a2<b2.

The second part of the question. To highlight cells 2 months ahead of today's date, the formula would be.
=AND( TODAY()+60<A1,A1<>"") this assumes you range starts from A1.

So Today's date plus 60 days is less than the cell value.

1-Highlight the range for conditional formatting.
2-Select New rule=>use formula to determine which cells to format
3-In the format values where the formula is true is where the formula goes.
4-Select the type of format you want.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


thanks first part worked great

second part is not working because I phrased it incorrectly

what i really want is below

1) Cells highlighting for dates passed and due in 30 days
2) Cells highlighting for 30-60 days

Conditional formatting
Conditional formatting  
Sure thing,
Same way as before but instead
select Format only cells that contain as the rule type.
The first box select cell value , the next box select Less Than and the third box enter this =now()-30 for greater that 30 days and a second condition for greater than 60 days

The 1st condition is a formula condition done like the first answer
set the format to No Fill

View the image for a better understanding
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