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Iím building a spreadsheet where the value of one cell has 6 maybe 8 possibilities which are determined by the values of 2 possibly 3 other cells.
The value of cell I-5 is determined by the values of cells F-5, G-5 & H-5.
F5 will be 50% or 60%.
G5 will be 1, 2 or 3
H5 will be 1 or 2
I5 will be 672 if F5=50%, G5 =1 and H5=1 or 2*
I5 will be 807 if F5=60%, G5=1 and H5=1 or 2
I5 will be 807 if F5=50% and G5=2 and H5=1 or 2*
I5 will be 807 if F5=50% and G5=2 and H5=1 or 2*
I5 will be 969 if F5=60% and G5=2 and H5=1 or 2*
I5 will be 932 if F5=50% and G5=3 and H5=1 or 2*
I5 will be 1119 if F5=60% and G5=3 and H5=1 or 2*
*Itís possible the value of I5 might be reduced by 25 if the value of H5 is 1 but that hasnít been decided yet.
Can you help?

Lookup Table
Lookup Table  
Since there are a finite number of "combinations", you can actually list those combinations in a concatenated list along with the associated value they resolve to.

See the attached picture.

50% is the same 0.5 in Excel.  We can string the values in F5, G5 and H5 together to get a text string like "0.511" or "0.621".  Then we add zero to that string to turn it back into a real number.

Then we can lookup that resulting number in the list we created.

In the picture you see all the combinations listed in column A with the values in column B.  Then we can use the VLOOKUP formula to get the value from the table based on the entries in the cells.

=VLOOKUP((F5&G5&H5)+0,$A:$B, 2, 0)
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