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I would like to create a formula to add numbers which are a specific number of cells apart in a column.  For example, these numbers may be in cell A5, A10, A15, A20, A21, etc.   I would like the total of those in summary at the bottom of the column.
Then I would like to have a "relative reference" so that I can copy/paste the formula to add B6, B11, B16, B21, B26, etc.   I hope you can understand my question.  Thank you.


Not sure what is meant---when you say "add" numbers do you mean put a number in a cell or do you mean sum the numbers.
If you mean sum the numbers in certain cells then are there any other criteria other than the cells are X cells apart, if so then a sumif formula may be appropriate and the easiest to work with.  If not then a simple formula created in the first column is pretty easy to create, something like


I don't know how many increments you need, but its pretty easy to create this formula by putting a + and then clicking on the next cell that you want to add.  To make this formula reference the next sequence of cells the easiest way is to copy it one column to the right and one row down this will make the formula look like this


If you need the formula to be on the same row as the column A formula then first eliminate the = sign in front of the formula and move it up one row then put the equals back in front of the formula.

Hope this gives you some ideas.

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