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Dear Steve,

I'm trying to develop a macro that will allow me to copy the data x number on times based on on the value of a certain cell. Id like for the macro to then continue on to the next value and do the same based on the the data on X. I have attached an image to further illustrate what I am talking about.

So far I have a Script that inserts blank lines. I was trying to modify it so it could do my bidding but I failed.

Here is the script:

Sub Macro1()
   Dim currRow As Long
   Dim currCell As String
   Dim checkCell As String
   Dim startRow As Long
   Dim endRow As Long
   Dim startCell As String
   Dim endCell As String
   Dim strRange As String
   Dim r As Range
   currRow = 2
   currCell = "a" & currRow
   checkCell = "a" & currRow + 1
   Do While Range(checkCell) > 0
       startRow = currRow + 1
       endRow = startRow + Range(currCell) - 1
       startCell = "a" & startRow
       endCell = "a" & endRow
       strRange = startCell & ":" & endCell
       Set r = Range(strRange)
       currRow = endRow + 1
       currCell = "a" & currRow
       checkCell = "a" & currRow + 1
End Sub

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this questions.



Hi Conrad,

This macro should work for you:

(Instead of asking how many to copy down, type the number that you want TOTAL).

Using your provided example, instead of typing 3 and having 3 rows created, you would type 4 and have 4 rows of that value total.

Please let me know if this gets you close to where you would like to be.

Sub AE_Conrad()
Dim lngStartRow As Long
Dim lngEndRow As Long
Dim m As Integer
Dim n As Long

With ActiveSheet
   lngStartRow = Range("G" & CStr(Application.Rows.Count)).End(xlUp).Row
   lngEndRow = 1

       For n = lngStartRow To lngEndRow Step -1
         If IsNumeric(Range("G" & CStr(n)).Value) Then

         For m = 2 To Range("G" & CStr(n)).Value
         Rows(n + 1).Insert
       Next m
         End If
       Next n
   End With
End Sub

Kind regards,
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