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Hi Jerry,

I have got a workbook with a number of worksheets in it.

in this I have a person and then a corrosponding data sheet.

so for example I have one worksheet called Joe Bloggs and then one called Joe Bloggs data.

i am trying to use a macro so that if a nuser needs to amend a persons time information it goes directly to the data sheet.

i am currently using the following macro.

Sub opensheet()
' opensheet Macro
Dim sPrompt As String
Dim sDefault As String

sPrompt = "Please enter the sheet name to update the records"
sDefault = "data"
   ShtName = InputBox(sPrompt, sDefault)
   Sheets(ShtName).Visible = xlSheetVisible
End Sub

However the user has to enter Joe Bloggs data to be able to open the sheet.

is there a method so the user only has to enter Joe bloggs to be able to enter the relevant sheet?

Hope this makes sense.

Try this:

Option Explicit

Sub OpenSheet()
Dim shName As String, ws As Worksheet

shName = Application.InputBox("Please enter the sheet name to update the records", "Search string", "data", Type:=2)
If shName = "False" Then Exit Sub

For Each ws In Worksheets
    If InStr(ws.Name, shName) > 0 Then
        With ws
            .Visible = xlSheetVisible
        End With
        Exit Sub
    End If
Next ws

MsgBox "No sheet was found with the string in the sheet name"
End Sub

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