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QUESTION: Hi Bob, I am building a Stock trading tool and need some help.

Columns A:M contain stock symbols that are 1 to 5 letters in length such as "A" for Agilent Technologies and "CMSCA" for Comcast Corp.    I want to make a SINGLE LIST in Column P that contains all of the UNIQUE symbols from the A:M range  (some symbols will be duplicates ).   

How can I find each unique symbol from A:M range and drop them into ONE SINGLE LIST in Column P?  (Would be nice to avoid CSE formula if at all possible for sake of faster calc times.)

Thanks Bob!

ANSWER: easiest without using VBA or non-CSE is to do it manually (not formula-based...that would be CSE)
Copy Each column to P and you'll have duplicates. Then select column P and from the Data tab, click "Remove duplicates"

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Bob.  I will try that.   However, let's assume that I do need to use a CSE formula to make my situation work better automatically (if a manual effort doesn't seem to work out),  what CSE formula combo and process would I need to use to make my Range into Single List project work well?  Thanks again Bob.


Sorry this took so long.
a CSE formula looks to be way too complicated.
Running this procedure is quite fast:

Sub UniqueP()
Dim n As Integer, i As Integer
   On Error Resume Next
   i = 1
   For Each thing In Range("A1").CurrentRegion
       If thing.Column < 14 Then
         n = 0
         n = Application.Match(thing.Value, Columns(16), 0)
         If n = 0 Then
         Cells(i, 16).Value = thing
         i = i + 1
         End If
       End If
End Sub
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