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Excel/Macro to create hyperlinks between sheets


Hi All,

I have a excel sheet where I  have questions in the main sheet and answers by different candidates in other sheets of the same work book.

I need a macro where..
1) The sheet 1 should  create hyperlinks to different responses for all answers given by candidates in different sheets.


i.e now in main sheet 1  if column A is with questions then col B should contain hyperlinks to responses of candidate 1 in sheet 2. (Since there are 20 questions i need 20 hyperlinks in col B to point to  20 answers  of sheet two.)
similarly col C should hyperlink to responses of candidate 2 in sheet 3 and so on.

I hope its not confusing..

All i am looking forward for ,is the main sheet should contain all hyperlinks so that it references to the answers given by candidate.

Thank you

Hi Ashok,

There are two easy methods of doing this.

1) Return the actual link of the response (This will show as a cell reference such as 'Sheet2!A1' and when clicked, will take you to the answer; or

2) Return the full answer of the question. This would be useful if you are utilizing column headers, such as (I am using Columns A, B & C in these examples):

Questions           Candidate 1          Candidate 2
question 1...          answer....          answer...
question 2...          answer....          answer...
question 3...          answer....          answer...
question 4...          answer....          answer...

Option 1:  In the first cell that you would like to place a link, right click the cell and choose Hyperlink... .  In the new window, select Place in This Document and using the boxes to the right, select the sheet and cell that you want to link to.

One this has been completed for the first cell, select the cell and copy down as far as needed.  Repeat this for each column (Candidate).


Option 2:  In the first cell that you would like to return the answer, use a formula as follows:  =Sheet2!A1 .  NOTE: 'Sheet2' should be the name of your second sheet if you have renamed them.

Once this has been completed for the first cell, select the cell and copy down as far as needed.


If you are strictly wanting to run a macro, I would need to know the exact layout of your workbook, what cells are being used.  If possible, please provide a copy of your workbook or a sample workbook with confidential information removed, using a free file host.

Kind Regards,
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