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Excel/Unable to paste passwords from unencrypted Excel file


I am using Windows 7 and Excel 2010, I would say I am a 7-8 level of proficiency in Excel. I have a business degree and use Excel very often. Here is my question:

I have a text file of 100 randomly generated usernames and passwords to a popular email site. I use this for my business. When I try and use one of these password/username combos to login to the email account via copy/paste from a Word or .txt document, it works fine. However when I transfer this external data from that same .txt file into an Excel CSV and then try to copy/paste the password into the login screen, it will not work. Does that make sense? I can look at the password within excel and manually type it into the login screen exactly as I see it with no problem whatsoever. However when I copy/paste from the Excel file into the password box, I see the dots pop up, showing me that the password transferred, however when I click log in it says the password is wrong. So I know that all the passwords are correct because I can manually type them in. And I know that it isn't merely a copy/paste problem because I can copy/paste them from Word with no problem. I've tried this on two different computers, using both Excel 2010 and 2007 and same result. Please help!

Hi Chris,

I just sent you an email request, but also have a few questions.  I have tried to replicate your problem without success, so I assume I'm doing something differently.  

1. When you transfer the data from the .txt file to an Excel CSV, how do you do that?

2. When you copy the password from the CSV, do you do that within Excel?

3. If you do it from within Excel, do you copy the entire cell containing the password, or do you copy the password text from the formula bar?

4. Is the password a completely numeric value, date, or other data type that Excel might represent internally as other than a text string?

I have set my AllExperts vacation settings so that I won't receive questions for the next several days.  However, I will respond to your email when you answer these questions.


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