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Excel/unable to successfully copy/paste passwords from Excel file to email login


I am using Windows 7 and Excel 2010, I would say I am a 7-8 level of proficiency in Excel. I have a business degree and use Excel very often. Here is my question:

I have a text file of 100 randomly generated usernames and passwords to a popular email site. I use this for my business. When I try and use one of these password/username combos to login to the email account via copy/paste from a Word or .txt document, it works fine. However when I transfer this external data from that same .txt file into an Excel CSV and then try to copy/paste the password into the login screen, it will not work. Does that make sense? I can look at the password within excel and manually type it into the login screen exactly as I see it with no problem whatsoever. However when I copy/paste from the Excel file into the password box, I see the dots pop up, showing me that the password transferred, however when I click log in it says the password is wrong. So I know that all the passwords are correct because I can manually type them in. And I know that it isn't merely a copy/paste problem because I can copy/paste them from Word with no problem. I've tried this on two different computers, using both Excel 2010 and 2007 and same result. Please help!


Without looking at the spreadsheet I do have one theory.  Is it possible the formula used to randomly generate passwords is adding a space (or other semi-invisible ASCII character like a carriage return) to the end of your passwords?  It wouldn't be visible when looking at the cell, but when you paste into the website there might be one more "*" displayed than what you would expect.  Word or a Text file wouldn't have this problem, because when selecting the password, you would visually not be selecting the space or CR at the end; however, Excel isn't going to give you a choice and is going to select the extra character for you (when you copy the entire cell).  One way to check this is to copy the password from the formula bar instead of copying the cell itself.  If that works then a hidden character/space is the problem.

I have a second idea (based on the first).  Assuming your password is in cell $A$1... please type this formula into another cell:


Copy the contents of this new cell and see if it works in the website.  TRIM is a formula for removing extra spaces from the beginning or end of a cell.

Assuming one of the above are the problems is there any way you could email me a sample spreadsheet with one login/password and the corresponding website?  ie, create a bogus email/login for me.

The reason I ask is because I just created my own CSV file and I used my own login/password as an example.  It worked without any problems.  This tells me there is something unique about your spreadsheet and I'd like to look over it and see if I can answer your question specifically instead of theoretically.

Please keep me updated!

My email is if you decide to send me a sample.  
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