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Excel/If Command problems mind has gone blank


Hi Aiden

My mind has gone blank with the simple if command

I have a cell that can have up to number 1 to 5 and depending on which number is stated i want a text statement for each individual number and i cant think of how to do it.

This is what i have so far

=IF(F7=1,"Standard must be improved"),IF(F7=2,"Below average accepted standard"),IF(F7=3,"Average good accepted standard"),IF(F7=4,"Above average good standard"),IF(F7=5,"Superior Standard","Not answered")

However this keeps coming back with an error and i cant figure it out

Can you help
Ive been looking at this for three days



The IF statement is


In your case, the value if false is another if statement - so you don't close the brackets until the very end - which means a lot of brackets all together - like this

=IF(F7=1,"Standard must be improved",IF(F7=2,"Below average accepted standard",IF(F7=3,"Average good accepted standard",IF(F7=4,"Above average good standard",IF(F7=5,"Superior Standard","Not answered")))))

You MAY want to consider using a vlookup instead


where TestList is a 2 column table with the score (including zero) in the first column and the text to display in the second.
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