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Hi Tom,
You helped me produce a spreadsheet where I input wind direction in degrees and it displays the results in actual direction such as NE, SW etc. This sheet has proved to be very successful but I now want to take it a step further and show the results from a instrument which measures H2s (hydrogen sulphide) .

using excel 2010 I have column(A) which has the date and time (B) has Telemetry data copied and pasted from our telemetry system. This data is in the form of a number, Column (C) has the measure scale which in this case is in PPM (parts per million)  The telemetry trend which I copy and paste has information for every 15 minutes so as you can imagine there is an awful lot of data available.

What I want to do if it is possible is to have a sheet with a page for each month which I copy the data to and a page with a nice box which asks for the date and time range for the data you want displayed and then displays the data requested. I would also like it to display the average of the data requested. so if I had the sheet now and I wanted to know the data for March the 15th between 19.00 hrs and 23.30 hrs it would only display this data, or if i wanted the data for between 2 different dates it would do the same.

Eventually I want to end up with a sheet that is capable of displaying the data from 3 sources including the wind direction stuff but I think if you could show me the way to do it for one I hope to be able to do the rest myself, although I might be aiming a bit high !!!!!

any help would be awesome, I could send you a copy of one of my sheets if it would help.




I am not sure of your use of the word page - generally if you print a worksheet, the sheet could have 1 or more pages defined by the print capabilities of the selected printer or if hard coded pagebreaks, then those would be factored in.  I suspect that is not what you mean by page.  So if you want to send a sample sheet with the output sheet showing and example of the type of output you would like to see (and where everything is located), I can provide some help.

send to

Tom Ogilvy

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