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I've seen it said that you cannot linked password protected workbooks but I'm hoping the person that posted that, just didn't know how to do it.

I have three workbooks used by different teams in the same department.  The 'Master' workbook pulls back data a2 through r400 from WB 'Raw Data' and s2 through w400 from WB 'Review.'

All three of these workbooks are used by different teams (Quality for Master, Accounts for Raw Data, Review for Review) which is why they're password protected.

Is there anyway to NOT have to put in the password for the fields on Master to automatically update?

Hello Ginger,

Thank you for your question and the opportunity to answer it.

Yes, you can link password protected workbooks.  However, when you want to update the Master workbook, you will need to enter the passwords for the source workbooks.  So, no, there is not a way to avoid entering the password for the other workbooks to automatically update the fields in the Master workbook.

However, it is possible to open the other workbooks with a macro in the Master workbook that contains the passwords for the other two workbooks.  However, VBA is not an area of my expertise, so I cannot provide you code to write that macro.  One of the other experts here who advertises VBA knowledge and experience should be able to provide that code.

Hope this helped.

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