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I would like to know if there is a way to have our "Stored hours" spreadsheet calculate the accrued vacation time on a weekly basis.  For example:  An employee starts with a bank of 135 hours on Jan 1 based on a 45-hr work week, after working 3 weeks, they would have accumulated 7.8 hours.  We have a cell on this spreadsheet that shows vacation time, I would like that to update on a weekly basis.

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you can put in a formula that will accrue the vacation based on your criteria.  You haven't given me quite enough information to give you the formula but if you can give me the criteria for the vacatin accrual and where the data is in your worksheet I will help you with the formula.

I will make some assumptions and give you what I think is needed and maybe you can work it out from there.

Assume the total cumulative hours worked for an employee is in cell F1.
I am assuming that if 135 hours of work equals 7.8 hours of vacation then 1 hour of work equals .057778 hours of vacation.

So the formula for accrued vacation would be
Accumulated hours worked times .05778 equals accrued vacation.

or  in excel +F1*.05778

Hope this helps
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