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QUESTION: Good day Jan,
Tried several things but unsuccessfull!!!

I want to place in WkshtName variable the name found on the TAB of the unique sheet4 (created by Excel).

Dim WkshtName As String
WkshtName = Sheets(4).Name 'returning the 4th sheet in the workbook - No Good
WkshtName = Sheet4.Name - error (object required)

Thank you / Merci

ANSWER: Hi Daniel,

I'm not what you're after. You could directly do this:

WkshtName ="Sheet4"

Or if it is the 4th worksheet (chart sheets also count as sheets...):

WkshtName = Worksheets(4).Name

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Sorry for not being clear enough...

In the Project - VBAProject window, we can see all sheets composing the workbook.  All sheets are listed as:
Sheet24 (PCR late)
Sheet12 (Wiring Status)

When we add another Sheet, Excel provide a UNIQUE number to it (Sheet24 or Sheet12 in the exemple above).

The name (PCR late, Wiring Missing) can change BUT the number (24 or 12)remains the same as it is unique.

I do not want to code the name {sheets("Wiring Status")...} in my macro as it might change NOR I do not want to call sheet(12) as it is not self-explanatory.

At the beginning of the macro, I want to place in the variable "wkshtName", the name of the Sheet12 since I know it cannot be changed and later refer to it in the code.

Hi daniel,

The solution depends on your situation actually. If this is a worksheet you yourself
insert(ed) and control, you can change that "unique" name (technically referred to as the sheet's CodeName) yourself by editing the name property of the Sheet12 object: click the Sheet12 entry in the project explorer and type a new "CodeName" in the (Name) box in the properties window. Then hit enter. After that, you can refer to the sheet with your new codename. No variable needed.

If however this is a sheet inserted by someone else (you have no control over) then I would not know anything else then either referring to the sheet using its visible tabname, or by its index.
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