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Good day Jan,

I'm faily nocice using Shapes properties.
Got some code here and there and was able to obtained what I wanted.
However, I was not able to obtain the Typename in Text.
.Type is giving me a number only.
Some other code that I used previously provided that info OK (used For each obj in wksht.Shapes - see last line code)

Hopefully, it is clear enough...
Any other how?

... code removed
For Each wksht In Worksheets
For Each sShapes In wksht.Shapes
 If sShapes.Type <> 4 Then   'Do not want "Comment"
  With sShapes
   lLoop = lLoop + 1          'Incremente
   LogShapes.Cells(lLoop + 1, 1) = .Name
   LogShapes.Cells(lLoop + 1, 2) = .Type     
   LogShapes.Cells(lLoop + 1, 10) = .OLEFormat.Object.Name
  'LogShapes.Cells(lLoop + 1, 12) = TypeName(obj.OLEFormat.Object)

Hi Daniel,

Perhaps like so?

   For Each wksht In Worksheets
       For Each sShapes In wksht.Shapes
         If sShapes.Type <> 4 Then   'Do not want "Comment"
         With sShapes
         lLoop = lLoop + 1          'Incremente
         logshapes.Cells(lLoop, 1) = .Name
         logshapes.Cells(lLoop, 2) = .Type
         logshapes.Cells(lLoop, 3) = .OLEFormat.Object.Name
         logshapes.Cells(lLoop, 4) = TypeName(.OLEFormat.Object)
         End With
         End If

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