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Excel/Userform beforeclose closes without saving.


Hi dave,

I just used the code taken from for workbook open user form and it works perfectly as i needed.Likewise i just modified it a bit as you had suggested for beforeclose and it also works fine.But what happens is when i close excel the pop up appears and when i close the userform it quits from excel without option for saving.How to modify the code to ask enduser for saving the workbook finally?

The code seen below is entered in workbook module.

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
With UserForm2

       .StartUpPosition = 0

       .Left = Application.Left + (0.5 * Application.Width) - (0.5 * .Width)

       .Top = Application.Top + (0.5 * Application.Height) - (0.5 * .Height)


   End With
End Sub



You should not be able to close the userform, it closes by itself.

It asks me if I want to save changes when the userform closes. Maybe your workbook is already saved when you click the close Button.

You can add to the unload routine in the regular module to make sure the workbook saves.

Sub UnloadScreen()
   Unload UserForm1
End Sub
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