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Hi, I have a table with my work hours and shift type. Like this A=date b=clock in c=clock out d=shift type. In another table I would like to calc my salery.

Table indata
    A          B      C      D  
1 01.12.2012  08:00  16:00  LA
2 03.12.2012  16:00  23:00  UL
3 03.12.2012  17:30  18:00  P
4 04.12.2012  12:00  14:00  P
5 06.12.2012  09:00  15:00  UL

Table salery
   A          B      C       D
1 01.12.2012  08:00  16:00  $xxxx
2 02.12.2012  
3 03.12.2012  16:00  23:00  $xxxx
4 04.12.2012
5 05.12.2012
6 06.12.2012  09:00  15:00  $xxxx

B1 =INDEX(indata!B1:B13,MATCH(1,(indata!A1:A13=A1)*(indata!D1:D13="LA"),0))

This formal will only get match if the date=A1 and shift = LA, but I need a formal that will give match if the date=A1 and shift = LA or UL (but not P)

1) How can I get all my LA and UL shift to my salery table?
2) If in the future I get a new shift type like XL. How can I get this shift in my table without change my formal? (So that it will get match on LA, UL and XL)

I would like to have the formal as short as possible. I have tried with if fuction and another one with vlookup fuction

PS I was thinking of having a list of valid shift types Like E1=LA E2=UL E3=XL etc

Hope you understand my problem and have a easy solution

Best regards

This formula will do it, is should be obvious where you would add "XL" to the match array:

In the example picture shown, the formula goes in H1, then is copied down and across through H.  Adjust the "range" of cells (currently 20 rows) to the range needed, don't try to make it a whole column.

         =IFERROR(LOOKUP(2, 1/(($A$1:$A$20=$G1)*OR($D$1:$D$20={"LA","UL"})), B$1:B$20), "")

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