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Excel/Usiusing two criteria to return a value from a table


Hi, I have a table with my work hours and shift type. Like this A=date b=clock in c=clock out d=shift type. In another table I would like to calc my salery.

Table indata
  A          B      C      D  
1 01.12.2012  08:00  16:00  LA
2 03.12.2012  16:00  23:00  UL

Table salery
 A          B      C       D
1 01.12.2012  08:00  16:00  $xxxx
2 02.12.2012  
3 03.12.2012  16:00  23:00  $xxxx

Looking for a formal that will populate B and C in table salery if I have work that day and if shift is LA or UL

Right now I am using for B1 =INDEX(indata!B1:B13,MATCH(1,(indata!A3:A13=A1)*(indata!D1:D13="LA"),0))

But I am not geting shift UL.

1) How can I get my UL shift to my table?
2) If in the future I get a new shift type like XL. How can I get this shift in my table without change my formal?

PS I was thinking of having a list of valid shift types

Hope you understand my problem and have a easy solution

Best regards


Extra) Your formula has an should be indata!A1:A13=A1.  Maybe that is just a typo?

1) You need to change the part that says indata!D1:D13="LA"to indata!D1:D13="UL" in order to return shift UL.

2) In order to eliminate the need to change the formula you would have to have the shift type also appear in the Table Salary sheet, perhaps in column E.  Then, instead of indata!D1:D13="LA", you would use indata!D1:D13=E1

I suspect you may not be the author of the formula listed above... and that you have actually tried to change LA to UL and it didn't work #it reported #N/A#.  The above is an array formula, and when being entered, it must be confirmed with CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER instead of simply ENTER.


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