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Excel/VBA code to find most recent revison in spreadhseet


Problem statement:

"Examine a "filename" containing numbers and letters in one cell, and find the most recent revision number in another directly adjacent cell. Hide all rows except row containing the most recent revision."

1) Here's an example of the data (below):
Column "A"   Column "B"
(Filename)   (revision)
1401UC          9 (this one most recent)
1401UC_Rev0005       5
1401UC_Rev0006       6
1401UC_Rev0007       7
1403UC          8 (this one most recent, etc.)   6
1403UC_Rev0007       7

2)Nice to have an inputbox for number of characters to be examined in filename ??? is this Necessary?
3)Nice to have an inputbox for column ID containing filename,
4)Nice to have an inputbox for column ID containing revision info.
5)revision information is numeric only,
6)Filename information is numeric and letters = variant?

Thank you so much for the help; this is beyond my skillset.

Hi Mike,

I have a feeling that we should be able to handle this need with a combination of formulae only and need not go into macros and things like that.
If you could send me an excel with a sample of your real data (non-confidential), I can try and work with it.
My email - . Please mention AllExperts in the subject line.

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