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Excel/bar, column,andline graphs and other matters


hello Mary, nice to "meet" you!

I use Windows 7 with Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

First, the "other matters" in the Subject title...
My spreadsheet has two sets of data. Each set consists of a row of 52 weekly dates for 2011 and the corresponding row of sales in each of those weeks.
A  second set of data occupy another two rows, one of dates in 2012 and the other of sales.
I had no problem entering both sets of sales data in a graph, whether as lines or bars...The sales data are in the y axis.
I show the 2012 weekly dates in the X axis.

MY QUESTION: hOW can I show the 2011 dates in the graph?

Second item:
I want to adjust the width of the lines, bars, columns in their respective graphs. I want to be able to make them thinner or thicker.

Can you tell me how to do these tasks?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Chris,

Good to make your acquaintance as well.

To show the 2011 dates in a graph, you will select only the rows that you want to show in the graph.  Reminder:  You can select cells of data by holding down your Shift key to select cells that are adjacent to each other (contiguous) and CTRL key for those cells that are not adjacent (or non-contiguous).  

For the width adjustment of lines, bars and columns, try the following:

Right-click on one of the bars/lines/columns and choose 'Format Data Series'. In the Format Data Series window, on the Series Options tab (first tab) move the Gap Width slider closer to 'No Gap', which will widen each of the bars/lines/columns.

I hope this helps your project.

Good luck,

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