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I have some queries with regards to excel formula,So kindly assist me on the below.

1. How to create our own formula in excel.
2. Is there any way to pull the data from internet by using any excel formula.

Kind Regards

ANSWER: Hi Ravi,

What do you mean by creating your own formula in Excel? Write a function in VBA?

What Excel version are you using? If Excel 2013, check out the new web functions for pulling in data from websites. If older, Select Data, From Web and follow the instructions.

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Thanks for your immediate response.

1. Actually i want to know is there any way to create formula with out using VBA.
2. How to create drop down cell for entering time and Date.
  When ever i click that particular drop down cell it should provide current  time/current system time.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards

I hope I have not completely misinterpreted your question.

If you are asking how to write a formula in Excel I would suggest you to pick up a book teaching you the basics if Excel. Formula's are such a basic principle of Spreadsheet work that you cannot work on spreadsheets without at least that knowledge.

You can enter the current date by using the short-cut key control + ;
The current time is entered by hitting control + :
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