QUESTION: Sir,I am using following worksheet function

Where E6 is a date cell of one table which needs to be changed every day
L23...(M23,N23...) are date cells of other table

Now the problem is if E6 is changed, the data entry in other table will also change.

Is it possible to code in vba so that data entered every day will be entered in respective date coloumn of another table

ANSWER: Hi Nagaraj,

Thanks for sending your question on my way.

Please attach a sample workbook in any of the below link and share the link in the continuation of this thread for better understanding.

Windows Live Skydrive:http://skydrive.live.com

*Please be careful that it does not contain any PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL data (address, telephone, ID#s, etc.).



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: https://www.box.com/s/yi5m88wm6u0smu95p43v

Dummy excel workbook is uploaded to and the link is as given above


To Download Google Drive File
To Download Google Dri  
Hi Nagaraj,

I am not interested to build it in excel formula so given alternate method which suits for you.

Download the file from the below link


Whenever you make any change in BASE data then just place the cursor inside the PIVOT and SELECT REFRESH to get the updated data in PIVOT.


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