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Could you possibly help me with this issue?  I have five ranges.  Some students will appear in all of the ranges.  I need to make a list of students who appear in all of the lists.  So if “Olding, Freddie” studies all five subjects I would like him to appear in the list.  The ranges are as follows:


Can this be achieved with a formula?

Thanks in advance.  

Chris Mitchell

ANSWER: Christopher,

You would need a list to work with.   You could then mark which members of the list statisfy the condition by using countif

say Olding, Freddie is in A1000 and all the names are in column A for the topmost list
in B1000 or some other column in B

then drag fill down to row 2999

so you are only checking against the list in A1:A2999 since they must be in that list to be in all five lists and identifying which of those in list one are also in the other 4 lists.  You could then write a formula to pull those names into a separate list using this result column if you wished.

Tom Ogilvy

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When I enter your formula I get this error message:  "There are too many
many arguments for this function"

Have you any idea what the problem might be?

Chris Mitchell


that is because when I originally wrote it, I put in all five ranges.  But I was going to say you needed a list of names to work against.  Then I came to the conclusion that you could work against one of the lists and didn't need to check that list because of the reason I stated in my answer.  So I edited out the first range, but in editing I left the countif so as you can see it goes

countif(countif   which is a typo.  this should work and sorry for the inattention but editing long involved formulas in this environment can be challenging.  


That was tested (lightly) and worked for me.

Tom Ogilvy

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