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SALAM HI Everyone
Need your help in Excel
i have data on 65 variables from 1990 to 2010 for 94 individuals. Some of the values are missing and i have to filling the missing values.!121&authkey=!ABKn2VZPjYNRiMg
if the values are missing at the end then first of all one has to fine the growth rate of the last 5 know values and after find the growth, one will forecast the next values.
like for one individual named b the var4 has five missing values, so fill the missing values from 2005 to 2010. si have to calculate the growth rate of the last non-missing values 2001-2005 and the known value*(1+g) and so on till last value.
Individual   B
Year/Variable   Var4
2001      85.5365994672412
2002      1.06356964680864
2003      74.5753429352989
2004      87.3370130378642
2005      29.0410577502473
2006      =I18*(1+(($I$18/$I$14)^(1/(COUNT($I$14:I$18)- 1)) -1))
2007      =I19*(1+(($I$18/$I$14)^(1/(COUNT($I$14:I$18)- 1)) -1))
2008      =I20*(1+(($I$18/$I$14)^(1/(COUNT($I$14:I$18)- 1)) -1))
2009      =I21*(1+(($I$18/$I$14)^(1/(COUNT($I$14:I$18)- 1)) -1))
2010      =I22*(1+(($I$18/$I$14)^(1/(COUNT($I$14:I$18)- 1)) -1))
note: if more than five values are missing for any individual do not fill in those. Like for individual b var3 has more than 5 values missing, so i donít have to fill them up. If the starting five values are missing i have to do the same as the values are missing at the last. Find the growth rate of last five know values and then forecast the previous values.
Indiviuals   A   A
Year/Variables   Var1   Var2
1990.00      =C4/(1+(($C$12/$C$8)^(1/(COUNT($C$8:$C$12) - 1)) -1))
1991.00      =C5/(1+(($C$12/$C$8)^(1/(COUNT($C$8:$C$12) - 1)) -1))
1992.00      =C6/(1+(($C$12/$C$8)^(1/(COUNT($C$8:$C$12) - 1)) -1))
1993.00      =C7/(1+(($C$12/$C$8)^(1/(COUNT($C$8:$C$12) - 1)) -1))
1994.00      =C8/(1+(($C$12/$C$8)^(1/(COUNT($C$8:$C$12) - 1)) -1))
1995.00      92.53
1996.00   11.83   78.32
1997.00   49.74   66.47
1998.00   26.25   59.45
1999.00   16.40   34.43
¨as var2 has five values missing so I have to fill them. But var1 has more than five values missing so I donít fill them up.
Please help on this that how i can do this easily, i have 65 variable and more than 84 individuals so it's very difficult to by hand


Hello Lubna,

Thanks for the detailed question, but I'm having a bit of confusion when I try to match this question with the excel file you have shared. For example, I'm unable to find individuals AA, B etc in the file. The numbers you have indicated in the question above are very different from the file which you have shared.

Can you double check and update me - either I'm reading the question wrong, or you need to send me a correct file.

Can you mail me the file to - with subject containing AllExperts.

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