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I have created a workbook for weekly timesheets using a separate worksheet for each week of the year (52 worksheets). Each worksheet has one cell, same position each sheet, that sums up total weekly hours. There are six workbooks, one for each employee. How can I create a master workbook, having the same amount and titled worksheets, that links to each employee total weekly hours cell on each worksheet? Right now, I have to link each source worksheet cell to each master worksheet cell. 52 worksheets times six employees is over 300 copy, paste link operations. How can this be done easier, perhaps an autofill or consolidate routine?

Ouch - that sounds like a nasty job.   having said that, I cannot think of an obvious approach to do the job without a macro - but if a macro is OK it shouldn't be TOO hard as the formula could then be standardised - effectively all you are doing with paste link is creating a formula in a cell.

Could I see a sample timesheet?  Presumably all sheets would be in the one location?

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