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Hi, I would like to write a macro that will copy 2 rows of cells from one spread sheet to another based on two other cells i.e. if D3 = F series and E3 = 50 copy cells A2:B36 to range G3.

I'm trying to build a front sheet that will return servicing information based on model and hours of operation.
The user will select the series and hours then use a Command button linked to a macro to return the information required.

Depending on the text in D3 and E3 combinations the macro will return different cells.

Hi Shaun,

Below is some code that does what you describe, and I added an ElseIf as an example of how to add additional test conditions and ranges to be copied.

Since you didn't specify which ranges are on which sheets, I made some assumptions:

I assumed D3, E3, and G3 are on the sheet containing the CommandButton. This means that this sheet will be the active sheet when the code executes.

I assumed that the source range A2:B36 is in the second sheet--I used "Sheet2" so you should change this according to your sheet name.

I also used CommandButton1 as the button object name.

Here is the code:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

  'returns data from Sheet2 to G3 on Sheet1 based on the values
  'in D3 and E3 in Sheet1.
  With Worksheets("Sheet2")
'     Note that ranges preceeded by "." refer to Sheet2, non-qualified ranges to the
'     sheet containing CommandButton1
     If Range("D3") = "F series" And Range("E3") = 50 Then
        .Range("A2:B36").Copy Destination:=Range("G3")
     ElseIf Range("D3") = "Ranger" And Range("E3") = 45 Then
        .Range("C2:D36").Copy Destination:=Range("G3")
     End If
  End With
End Sub

This code should be placed in the worksheet's code module.  To do this, right click on the worksheet's tab, select View Code, and paste this code in the Code pane.

I hope this does what you want.

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