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excel workbook
excel workbook  
Hi, I just want to say thanks in advance.
I have a team of 5 people and i want to create a job list for their activities. I have attached an image with 4 excel sheets. Sheet 1 is the master sheet and sheets 2-4 are individual sheets. The actual file has 6 sheets, but i showed only one.
Now, coming to what i want to do.
Each of the individual sheets (2-6) show the activities of each person. each activity has a unique job code. so i feed in each persons activities in their respective sheets, and i want the same to be consolidated and reflected in the master sheet as and when i make an entry in the individual sheet. so if you can show me how to do the following i would be very obliged.

1: I make an entry in an individual's sheet, it automatically reflects in the master sheet
2: Any changes i make in the individual sheet should reflect in the mastersheet.

You really can't do with this formulas and thus will need a macro.  I don't write macros for free and based on my "status" with AllExperts I am allowed to charge a nominal fee for writing macros for people asking questions on this site.  So, if you still want to pursue using me then let me know so I can then get more detailed info form you.  I anticipate the nominal fee to be about $100.


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I can provide help with most all EXCEL questions and most all questions about writing EXCEL macros. I have been developing macros for about 10 years in EXCEL and have switched to it from Lotus 1-2-3 after about 10 years of writing macros in it. Typically, I will not write a macro for you unless it is very short because of all the details a macro has to know about to work every time and all the time are rarely provided. If I am not given ALL the details, circumstances, and situations then a "good" macro can not be written. Please understand that I do not know it all and will be the first to say so. As politely as possible, I don't write macros for people on this site who need one, want one, seem to imply that they need one, and/or seem to think I am expected to write one UNLESS they are very short, quick, and simple. 99% of all macros are more involved than what you think and rarely am I provided with enough specific and complete details to have the code work the first time and every time. This typically means too many follow-up emails, and subsequent macro changes due to lack of specific details, just to get those details so that the macro would work, all of which is on my own free time. The voice of experience from responding to many questions from people who ask me to write a macro for them from this site tells me this. I don't mean to come across as unhelpful but macros are usually very specific and without ALL of the specifics the macro I would write will not address all of your needs and the layout, location, formatting, conditions, etc. of your data and any related files the macro would have to work with. What seems like a simple task to you is almost always more involved than what you think to have the macro ALWAYS work in EVERY situation. If you have a macro you have already written and have a question about it then perhaps I could help with that. I am sure and hope you can and do understand.

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