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Excel/Unprotecting dynamic rows in a protected worksheet



Need your help in doing the below task using Formula/Macro.

I would like to unprotect the dynamic rows where it contains the word "Production Plan (Units) - Revised" in column B.

As per this example I would like to unprotect the cells C7:H7, C10:H10, C15:H15. I want to unprotect the whole row after the cell contains particular text (i.e. "Production Plan (Units) - Revised" in this case).

Please note that range will be dynamic. Please let me know if you have any question.!144&authkey=!AMmQq1D4vCEcXEo

ANSWER: To insert the below code into your workbook, open VBA editor (Alt+F11),
Insert -> Module
Copy the below code, then Paste into the new module,
Save, Then Close Editor

I used the password as "abc" change it to your needs.

Sub UnLockRowsBasedOnCondition()
Dim ws As Worksheet

Set ws = Sheets("Sheet1")

With ws
   .Unprotect "abc"
   For Each c In .Range("B2:B" & Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).Row)
       If InStr(1, "Production Plan (Units) - Revised", c.Value) Then
           c.EntireRow.Locked = False
       End If
   Next c
   .Protect "abc"
End With

End Sub

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


This code works perfectly.

But I do not want to unprotect the entire row (c.EntireRow.Locked = False).

I want to unprotect the row starting from C3 and It might end it anywhere, as data is dynamic. It ends here at H6. It might end at Z6 also.

Hope you got it. Could you please incorporate these things in the code and send it to me. Thanks a ton.


Hi Prabhat,

Change this line c.EntireRow.Locked = False


The columns are specifically declared in the below code <u>
Range("C" & c.Row & ":H" & c.Row).Locked = False

<u>The Right Side Last Column will be automatically picked by excel based on the last entry of that row.

Range("C" & c.Row & ":" & Cells(c.Row, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Address).Locked = False

Hope that helps!


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