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Hi Garreth,

I have a large column of cells and need to separate the beginning text from the numbers coming after. For example:

ABC Company 1234 Place Ave Blank City AB 12345
Company 4567 blah blah St Big City CD 56789

How would I be able to just separate/extract the beginning text, aka the company names?

G'day Leor,

Apologies for the late reply to your question.

Assuming you text is in Cell "C4"

Please put this formula in Cell "C5" if it has "ABC Company 1234 Place Ave Blank City AB 12345"

=LEFT(C4,FIND(" ",C4,FIND(" ",C4,1)+1)-1)

Please put this formula in Cell "C5" if it has "Company 4567 blah blah St Big City CD 56789"

=LEFT(C4,FIND(" ",C4)-1)

This formulae will remove all text before the first set of numbers appear

Please advise if this helps you.

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